Xbox Surface 7-inch gaming tablet coming from Microsoft

Microsoft is developing a 7-inch gaming tablet that merges its Xbox and Surface brands. Microsoft’s preparation for the Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet disclosed previously in June prior to Surface RT and Surface Pro declaration and now tech portal The Verge declares that several sources have verified the arrival of this tablet.

 The Xbox Surface tablet will make the struggle with newly launched Apple iPad Mini with an ARM processor and lots of RAM – modified particularly for better gaming experience.

The new Xbox Surface tablet will power by a modified edition of Windows rather than the complete OS setup on the Microsoft Surface Pro. All typical tablet features will include on this tablet, but this will be a diverse product from the Microsoft’s further tablet items.

Xbox Surface 7-inch gaming tablet coming from Microsoft

Xbox Surface anticipated releasing prior to the upcoming Xbox 720, is actually made several undisclosed at Microsoft’s headquarters. Apparently it’s not absolutely clandestine as the web is previously gossiping concerning it.


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