WWE Immortals Wrestler Characters list with special abilities

The WWE Immortals characterization is mainly a copy of true-life WWE superstars. Its gameplay contains various cards that upgrade wrestlers. All characters appear in 3 ranks – Bronze, Silver and Gold, with matching enhances in base stats as you advance. The cards are applied to upgrade individual moves and to renew health.

List of WWE Immortals Gold Characters

  1. Big Show–After tagging in, Big Show makes 65% lessened harm for 6 seconds.
  2. Trish Stratus–After Trish blocks smash up equivalent to 10% of her Health, she awards her team an extra 25% Adrenaline renewal for 6 seconds.
  3. Daniel Bryan– If Daniel Bryan completes a signature hit, he achieves 30% Speed and makes 30% further harm.
  4. Triple H– every time Triple H KOs a challenger, all waiting rivals mislay Adrenaline.
  5. Undertaker– Every time an opponent is knocked out, Undertaker gets a 25% smash up boost.
  6. John Cena– Cena makes extra smash up with his crucial hits as he drops Health.
  7. Roman Reigns– Roman Reigns achieves 50% hurt boost when he’s lower than 40% Health.

List of WWE Immortals Silver Characters

  1. Triple H– Triple H and his squad achieve a 10% destroy boost for every gold character on the squad.
  2. John Cena–When Cena tags in, his next particular hit will make 20% further Destroy.
  3. Knight Paige –After applying her finisher, Paige awards her associates a rupture of Adrenaline.
  4. Brie Bella–6pm to 6 am, when Brie tags in, she achieves a shelter that decreases spoil taken by 50%.
  5. Brock Lesnar–Brock deals 15% boosted smash up after conquering a challenger.
  6. Sheamus– Sheamus and his colleagues have 10% boosted Health.
  7. The Rock–When the Rock knocks with a signature attack, he makes 25% additional harm with fundamental combos.
  8. Undertaker–Once per match, Undertaker will grow from the grave with 33% Health and highest Adrenaline.
  9. Nikki Bella– 6am to 6 pm, when Nikki tags in, she is enclosed by a blazing Sun Aura that makes destroy over time.

List of WWE Immortals Bronze Characters

  1. Brie Bella – Brie gives a 5% Health boost to her colleagues.
  2. Paige–When Paige utilizes a signature hit, her colleagues renew Adrenaline 15% further fast for a limited moment.
  3. Nikki Bella – Nikki makes better smash up by 5%.
  4. Kane– Kane creates 15% boosted Damage when he tags in with below 20% Health.
  5. Big Show – Landing smash up boosts as Big Show’s utmost Health boosts.
  6. Daniel Bryan– When Daniel Bryan applies a unique move, he has 30% boosted rapidity for a limited moment.
  7. Sheamus–Sheamus and his lineup have 10% boosted Speed.
  8. Trish Stratus–Trish improves the Health of male colleagues by 5%.
  9. Roman Reigns – Roman Reigns achieves boosted Speed when he’s less than 40% Health.
WWE Immortals Wrestler Characters list with special abilities
WWE Immortals Wrestler Characters list with special abilities

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Obviously, developers will be including to this character range over time, so we will arrange to update this list whenever new characters include. However for at present it’s the entire wrestler characters list of WWE Immortals with their particular abilities.

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