Ways to earn simcity buildit golden keys

Want to get simcity buildit golden keys to buy some exclusive buildings which you and your residents will love to see in your city? Then you have come to the right page. As you may know Golden Keys are further special than SimCash and can’t be purchased with Simoleons or SimCash, so what’s the ways to earn golden keys –

Completing cargo shipments

In SimCity BuildIt, gamers release factories where they manufacture raw goods for example steel beams, logs, plastic, seeds and others. Then money-making buildings such as the farmer’s bazaar, hardware shop, building supplies shop, gardening supplies shop and other shops are released. Gamers apply the essential raw goods they produce in their manufacturing unit in definite arrangements to make crafted things in their business buildings. Those crafted things are then applied to improve residential regions, trade to friends or trade throughout the trade depot or utilized for cargo shipment quests to make golden keys which can be utilized to buy city specialization landmarks.

Rebuilding city after disaster strikes

You’ll be also able to take part in Disaster strikes and it’s the quickest way to get gold keys. So at first you have to release Dr. Vu Tower. If you have more than 90,000 Sims you can use 60,000 Simoleons to purchase the landmarks at outer place of your city. Disasters can’t take place while buildings are in the process of upgrading.

After having the proper resources for Dr. Vu, he’ll unleash a disaster that will wipe out almost 5 landmarks and you have no control over the damages will occur. After the ruin you’ll it’s your time to rebuild the building. After fix the damages it will return to the way it was earlier and you’ll earn 2 or 3 Golden Keys for each building you rebuilt. You can get roughly 10 to 12 keys for each rebuild after disaster strike.

Ways to earn simcity buildit golden keys

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