Simcity buildit tips, tricks and strategy guides

Simcity buildit already established as a big hit and lots of gamers already put their hands to get pleasure from this city-building title by Electronic Arts. Players take part as a city mayor and their core mission is to satisfy the residents of the city. By satisfying inhabitants players can earn money as taxes. However, as lots of players look for get some tips, tricks, helps and strategy guides to build a gorgeous city where the all the happy citizen can easily can move. You need to solve many challenges and provide some unique services to satisfy the entire people. Here, we will point out about some important tips, tricks and strategy guides to play this game easily.

  • To get your success, you must expand the population at an essential level. Try to take some necessary steps to increase your population and build all necessary requirements such as market, business building, fire service, park and stadium etc. Remember that tax is your sources of income.
  • Pay an attention to buildings’ in your cities. Your have to place fire stations, police stations and such types of buildings near the residential regions.
  • Plan well about how to build your city. You can change your location of buildings and also streets. You can easily implement your master plan. Choose the best which is for the people of your city.
  • A factory can provide you all raw materials such as wood, seeds, and minerals, wood, metal and plastic. You can use these materials to develop your city easily. Pupils can use this to repair their buildings.
  • A good mix of all materials to make happy your people. You must use your intelligence to improve your city.
  • There is an option to trade posts to get all materials in a cheap rate.
  • Try to upgrade your city Storage as soon as possible. Any kind of surplus materials will provide an option to upgrade your buildings to the next generation.
  • Give a good priority to your residential areas. So use your own intelligence to put your Waste Plants and Factories. You need to build the waste plants and factories far away from the local residential areas. It will help you to keep satisfying the general people.
  • To increase more store facilities, you need to spend your SimCash.
  • Use technology to increase your efficiency, you can use a windmill to save your energy.

Follow these tips to play the game very easily to get fun and try to make you as a future mayor. Simcity BuildIt is available now for Android devices. Did you get the play store link to install the game on your android phone or tablet? If still not, get it from play store. You also can download the game to play on computer, just view the page at to know how to get Simcity BuildIt game on your computer.

Simcity buildit tips, tricks and strategy guides
Simcity buildit tips, tricks and strategy guides

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