PSY’s Gangnam Style: Second most-viewed YouTube video of all times, could overtake Justin Bieber soon

PSY’s hit music video Gangnam Style has taken the position of second most-viewed YouTube video of all time with over 668 million views and could take the number one position of YouTube as the South Korean rapper carries on to catch the top position by a storm.

PSY Gangnam Style with Ban Ki-moon

The 34-year-old pop sensation, whose actual name is Park Jae-Sang, achieved global fame within a short time after release Gangnam Style in July 2012. The Gangnam Style’s video flied viral at internet with its horse-riding dance and on 02 November, it has overtaken hit video of Jennifer Lopez “On the Floor” from second most-viewed video by collected more than 615 million views. From October 31, this video has been gaining new rank, when it exceeded 600 million user views. On November 08, it took total 668 million user views, just fall behind Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, which has taken more than 797 million Youtube views.
PSY Gangnam Style: Second most-viewed YouTube video of all times

Several forecasters are guessing, Gangnam Style could overtake Justin Bieber’s Video to capture the top position of YouTube views before the end of November.

As Justin Bieber’s video get these views over last 2 years and Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” over a year, so we can hope PSY’s Gangnam Style will get a record billion user views within some months.




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