iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display rumored for a 2013 release date

The iPad mini makes its retail debut on November 2 and has drawn an awesome customer’s reaction by being out of stock within some hours of open pre-orders. To continue for rivalry with further 7-inch tablets by iPad mini, Apple had to remain cost few and the Retina Display did not include in iPad mini; but, reports at present recommend that the next-generation iPad mini will be packed with the Retina Display. Apple’s hardware associates are currently preparing for a Retina display iPad mini 2 which supposes to go for huge manufacturing with 2048X1536 display resolution.

It’s anticipated that a next-generation of the latest petite tablet will be launched in 2013, with few guessing of a March-April release date, furthermore expecting an October launch to begin a yearly upgrade plan.

iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display rumored for a 2013 release date

One of the major objections against Apple’s just-launched iPad mini is its not packed with exact Retina display. But now it appears that the company is minimizing this lack for the second generation of the iPad mini. A Chinese tech source told that Apple suppliers have arranged for the iPad mini 2 with Retina displays. AU Optronics, a supplier that presently delivers the LCD panels for the iPad mini, is previously laboring on a fresh 2048X1536 Retina display for the 7.9-inch iPad mini 2. As the mini series is lesser in size, further pixels can be limited into each inch; the mini 2 is supposed to hold a crisp 324 PPI density.

Rumors as well specified that Apple will be utilizing Sharp’s IGZO technology on iPad mini 2, which will permit the device’s display to be slimmer and lower power consuming while preserving outstanding color and brightness.

It should not appear as flabbergast if Apple releases the Next-Gen iPad mini 2 with Retina display. The Retina display technology is already implemented on the others Apple device and it will be an issue of applying this technology on iPad mini 2.





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