Get Your First Online Job by follow some easy steps

So, you’ve made a decision to engage with an online job. To make your online job successful, follow these easy steps to set the correct foundation.

Step One: Decide what you want to do. You want to do something that interests you, at the time you have available.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How much time per day do you have to devote to this job? Do you have just a few hours, or lots of time you could give to this job?

What time frame are you looking at? Can you work daily, weekly or monthly?

What time of day? Check your schedule, and find free hours you can devote to online work.

What can you do in the online marketplace?

What geographic area do you want to work in?

How much money do you want to make?

Do you want to be your own boss, or work for others?

Step 2: Research the marketplace.

Google “virtual” + your job or “contract” + your job or “telecommute” + your job. Check the results for companies that may hire.

Google ‘your job + “scam” ‘ or ‘your job + “review” ‘. Look for some of the defining characteristics of scams: asking for upfront money, promising lots of money for little work or short offer life spans.

Check job forums for comments about your potential employer.

Step 3: Get the necessary equipment.

You will need a high-speed internet connection. You may need an internet video camera with a microphone, a dedicated business phone line, a scanner, fax, printer. Check for any other special software required, such as accounting/billing/time tracking software to help you in the business.

Set up your home office to look professional. Check your camera view, looking at the background view: no kitchen sink, TV, or any distractions, and no noises: no kids, dogs barking other disruptive noises.

Get Your First Online Job by follow some easy stepsStep 4: Sign up with a service provider.

Based on your research in step 2, sign up with a provider of the service you want to supply. For short-term jobs, you can also do freelance work with sites like may be appropriate for quick jobs.

Step 5: Establish your professional credentials.

Completely fill out your profile at your service provider to highlight your job titles held, certifications and credentials. Get verified by your supplier. Some agencies will test applicants’ skills. Take these tests, as they can help you in bidding for jobs.

Participate in professional associations so that you build name recognition, and keep up with current developments.

Write informative articles to establish your competency in the field.

Step 6: Bid on and complete jobs in a timely and professional manner.

Above all, make sure you make a profit on your bids. You don’t want to pay to work, do you? Communicate often with your clients; keep them informed with progress updates. They don’t like surprises and missed deadlines.

After the job is complete, send a thank-you note. Ask for positive feedback or comments/recommendations. Ask about repeat business.

The final step is Rinse and Repeat. Keep on doing jobs for your agency, or do these same 6 steps for any other opportunities you come across, or any other areas you want to work on.


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