Facebook Phone (HTC Opera UL) Release Date & Specs

There has been many rumors floated that Facebook is preparing to make an opening in the Smartphone market in cooperation with HTC as a hardware partner to manufacture its devices, however Facebook has continually refuted that the company is actually laboring on its individual mobile operating system to fight in opposition of  iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. However, proof has now appeared and hinting Facebook Phone release may be actually true.

Some extremely trustworthy sources speak that Facebook is actually expanding its individual software-hardware stand in combination with HTC. Those sources are already showing a few of the specifications of the Facebook-branded mobile.

Facebook Phone (HTC Opera UL) Release Date & Specs


The Facebook phone is supposed to be the HTC Opera UL and is assumed to be an OEM item from HTC, indicating a phone that HTC is manufacturing that will be re-branded by a different company. We expect, it is the Facebook phone, produced for Facebook.

Many tech sites that tell the device has been delayed. It was earlier reported that a Facebook phone would release in 2013, so it’s uncertain if the interruption will drive the phone launch to later on 2013, or if Facebook is delaying release until further notice. Long ago, Mark Zuckerberg told that a Facebook-labeled phone doesn’t create intelligence for the company.

Though, a recent revealed specs hint the HTC Opera UL is supposed to contain a 720p HD display, probable a dual-core CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz, Adreno 305 graphics that recommend the CPU to be a Snapdragon, and will run by Android 4.1.1.



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