Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides

Dragon-breeding game by Gameloft carries you in a world where evil Vikings ruled. You have to grow hundreds of dragons and send them into combat in opposition to evil Vikings and further gamers to take control of the archipelago. We are here to inform you to provide some great tips, tricks and strategy guides about the Dragon Mania Legends game to get dragons to make successful battle and breed. You may get more fun if you can play this pet simulation game accurately by follow our tips and strategy guides.

Pet your dragons: Firstly collects resources to feed your dragons in this game. You will get some extra coins or free gems to feed your pet dragons. You can optimize everything as you needed.

Attack the dragon first which is on the top: When you start your battle, hit the top dragon first. This is the best strategy to do well in this game. You will get an extra power after attacking the last dragon. Extra attack ability will be available if you can damage 2 dragons.

Max out on dragons & habitats: In this game, a lot of coins you must need to unlock your next level. There is some easiest level to get the maximum number of habitats. Fill habitats with dragons and Upgrade all the habitats, especially the dragons. Replace dragons when needs. If you use this idea, you can collect a lot of coins and fill as soon as possible and improve to the high level.

Always try to produce something: Foods are essential for your farms and dragons breeding. All essential things will become more expensive when you will reach the next level.

The Academy needs the best dragon: You can send your best dragons to the academy. Bear in mind that you can use three dragons in battle. Choose your best dragon from a set of dragon. A good dragon can perform better more than a lot of low-quality dragons.

Pay attention to element strength: Choose smart one to battle in the first. Remember that stronger element is more effective than specific elements. Best elements will provide you more advantage. The Green I button will provide you all information about your dragon condition. So watch this before starting a hit and know how your elements work.

Go for perfect attacks: Pay attention in every time you attack, keep your eyes on your green meter and a great attack can damage more with fillings up fury meter. This meter provides you an option to trigger a super special attack.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides
Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides

Dragon Mania Legends features a satisfactorily developed 3D cartoon interfaces and a batch of forcing features that should remain dragon enthusiasts attached to their devices.

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