Disaster challenges in simcity buildit

Your primary responsibilities as city mayor in SimCity BuildIt is to build residences for citizens to settle, industry and energy system to serve them and to attempt and confirm the good inhabitant of your city don’t get concerned in their individual sewage. Your opening target in the game (attract more and more people) can help you to unlock simcity buildit disaster challenges.

Deal with simcity buildit disaster challenges

Disaster challenges can bring golden keys for you which you can spend to purchase some very cool and sometimes very prominent buildings. If you city have over 90,000 residents, you can release Dr. Vu’s tower and the capacity to face Disaster Challenges. Dr. Vu might not be your thought of a well neighbor; however he’s your sanction to earning sufficient mysterious golden keys. Just boost your resident level enough high to take part in disaster challenges. To settle 90,000 residents quicker just concentrate on upgrading some buildings. Have lots of citizen approach by building sufficient new houses and improving them as much as probable. So just increase to 90,000 citizens and unlock the disaster strikes, after end of the disaster you will get golden keys by rebuild your landmarks. A disaster will wipe out almost 5 landmarks and you have no control over the damages will occur. After the ruin you’ll it’s your time to rebuild the building. After fix the damages it will return to the way it was earlier and you’ll earn 2 or 3 Golden Keys for each building you rebuilt. You can get roughly 10 to 12 keys for each rebuild after disaster challenge.

Disaster challenges in simcity buildit
simcity buildit disaster challenges

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