Crossy Road tips, tricks, helps and strategy guides

Crossy Road is establishing itself as a big hit everywhere and taking its position in the top charts. Being a fast-paced, bright and infinite take on the Frogger formula, Crossy Road has also been admired for having such a free-to-play model. Your core target is to guide your character as it crosses the road choke filled of approaching obstacles. However, Lots of players are seeking to get some helpful tips, tricks and strategy guides to enjoy this never-ending type game. So, here we come with some useful guideline for you to get more excitement and enjoyment. Follow these tips and play accurately to get more fun.

Don’t wait for too long: Waiting for a long time will make a problem to cross the road successfully. The best strategy is increasing your speed and crosses the roads very first. Yes, you may need to wait sometimes for crossing the roads, don’t worry, this will a good strategy to cross the road by avoiding obstacles successfully.

Go after the coins: Coins are very much essential for you here. Coins will help to unlock next levels and provide you a chance to get more fun and enjoyment, also experience. Try to make scores as high as possible. Get more coin to unlock new bird or animal characters.

Find the Gaps: Try to find an easy opening to cross the road successfully. Remember that there are two ways to start your crossing – easier and difficult, you need to find out this ways to start crossing.

Look left and right: First look your lefts right, if you can see the road is clear enough to pass then begin your journey otherwise you need to wait for best opportunity. As level advances your opportunity will be reduced gradually.

Keep away from crash: You can return your step if you want, but always are careful and stay away from an accident.

Use all control intelligently: You have all controls and you are able to make a decision to apply. So, take a proper decision before every move in Crossy Road.

Characters don’t matter: You can unlock further characters by coins after finishing some levels successfully. However, the characters don’t impact in your control; they just give you some additional facility. Continue playing to unlock new characters, a good performance will increase your coin and make unlock each character faster.

Never End: Crossy Road will continue endlessly and turn into further difficult step by step. Plan to take part in this game attentively with a preparation of long-time playing approach to get more fun and excitement.

Use visual wider modes: You may play in landscape mode to gain high scores. The comfortable mode will be Portrait mode. A wider view is very important to see easier identifying dangers and traffics.

Crossy Road tips tricks helps and strategy guides
Crossy Road tips tricks helps and strategy guides

Crossy Road is a free-to-play game that doesn’t throw pay money for in-app purchases at you; you can receive more characters without expending real money. The characters can as well be achieved by taking part in the lottery system. Now You can download the game on your Android smartphone and tablet without any charges from Google Play store. Moreover, there is a technique that gives you the chance to play the game on your computer, you can read the page at to install Crossy Road game on your Mac or windows powered pc.

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