List of Best American Car Brands

American made cars ruled the automobile industry in the opening years of the twentieth century when Ford, General Motors and Chrysler named as the Big-3 car manufacturers involved in mass-production. During the 1920s the car industry of America turned into the backbone of the innovative customer product-oriented business and the lifeblood of the petroleum industry. American car companies have introduced some of the most wonderful cars in those days. But a number of bad productions that caused for poor product planning and poor design choices and the big downturn almost destroyed the American automobile industry as a total. However issues have changed in the recent years. From ground-breaking electric cars to latest formations of standard sports cars, there are more than a dozen tremendous autos on the drive that are made in America.

Latest survey by Consumer Reports on top-selling cars in USA emphasized 13 main categories and the American-made automobiles are graded highest in these category. As claimed by Consumer Reports, 5 Ford models – Ford C-Max hybrid wagon, Ford Mustang, Ford Fiesta, Ford Escape and Ford Focus were top-ranked. General Motors had 4 autos that top ranker in CR’s particular categories. Chrysler got 3 entries and the beginner in the American automobile market, Tesla, took the top place of luxury with a great score. Here we listed top 5 American car companies, the five best US auto brands on the road at present.

List of Best American Car Brands
Logo of Best American Car Brands


In the automobile industry, Ford known as the leader of American car brands. Henry Ford founded the first factory of the company in Bagley Street, Detroit in 1902 with USD 28,000 funds from 12 financiers. In 1908 Ford introduced Model T, which sold over 10,000 cars in its opening year, placing the name among the most powerful car manufacturer in history. Its achievement force Ford to enlarge the production and present the idea of mass production. By 1912, manufacture numbers for Model T only arrived at almost 200,000 pieces. From then, the company has remained to make mass production of its autos and trucks that have taken the attention of millions of American. After World War 2 Ford maintained its passenger car businesses and in 1955 launched the popular Thunderbird model. After that it launched the Edsel brand in 1958, which shown to be a not success and was closed in 1960. Ford desired to make back up from its Edsel collapse with the beginning of the Falcon and Mustang models. In 2006, Ford has introduces a range of latest car models that made good return by Ford.

Ford motor company - American Car Brand
Ford Motor Company – American Car Brand


Louis Chevrolet launched this American auto brand in 1912 after a victorious profession of car racer. Chevrolet, also well-known as Chevy, rapidly took the attention of the auto loving people due to its quality, dependability and high-performance. Effortlessness and fuel-saving were as well other appealing features of Chevy cars. Nowadays, Chevy is one of the top auto manufacturers of the world with operations in 31 countries, running from international headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Chevy vehicle models contain cars, SUVs and trucks. Prominent vehicle models of Chevrolet brands included – Cars (Aveo, Camaro, Cobalt, Corvette, Cruze, HHR, Impala, Malibu and Volt), SUVs (Equinox, Suburban, Tahoe and Taverse) and Trucks (Avalanche, Colorado and Silverado)

Chevrolet logo
Chevrolet logo


Cadillac was established in 1902 by William H Murphy. Murphy decided not to include his own name for the brand however in its place he intelligently picked the name his ancestor. General Motors acquired Cadillac in 1909. The company made 3-engines which turned into very well-liked cars in United States and were well-accepted internationally. Cadillac was the opening company that brings in ignition idea and lighting in cars. The yearly sales numbers of Cadillac were more than 192,000 pieces in 1966 which was a bleak boost of 60% globally. In 1968, Cadillac supplied over 2,00,000 pieces of vehicle. Cadillac remains to include latest innovative auto models, with the XTS and ATS added in 2012, the ELR in 2013 and yearly upgrades of existing models as well rolling out.


Dodge introduced lots of suitable cars in the market. The Dodge brothers, John and Horace established the brand in Detroit; both of two brothers were engine mechanic for Ford prior to the launch of their opening auto in November 1914. They knew the business and their opening car was renowned for additional styles. Actually, Dodge Brothers are accountable for the achievement of Ford motor company. This achievement guided them to own the hit of their brand as well. They were strong and hard-worker. Dodge was graded at the 2nd place in 1916 among other companies. The brand was as well praised for the toughness of their cars. Dodge brothers were not came from a rich family; however they achieved the heights and wined because of their hard effort and strength of mind. With their struggle, they made a domain that is productively working even after 85 years.


Chrysler was established in 1923 by Walter Chrysler, a mechanic who desired to be a successful automotive professional. He was very hard worker and interested to be an unbeaten car manufacturer putting his name in brand. He launches his first hit in the vehicle industry as the chief of manufacture for Buick. The Chrysler cars always launched with excellence, new design and sophisticated engineering. Chrysler has developed its cars to run nearly anyplace and have the abilities as any regular gas powered autos. At present, car industry viewers are expecting the initial new cars to come out from Chrysler’s joint venture with Fiat, which should contain smaller but further well-organized features. Existing models of Chrysler contain midsize sedans for example the Chrysler 200 and the larger, further comfortable Chrysler 300.

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